April 28, 2016 - Message to Faculty, Staff

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A number of you have asked about expectations for faculty and staff on May 2. First, we want you to know that if there are protests, we anticipate that they will be peaceful. We will have a central area under the pavilion by the Student Services Building where students can stop by to ask questions, raise concerns, get support and have a voice. A number of academic departments and colleges are planning events, as well. Regardless, we will have additional security on campus with assistance from outside police agencies in order to protect the safety of our campus.

The campus and offices will be open and operating as scheduled on May 2. We encourage faculty members to hold classes as scheduled. If a class is canceled following existing protocols, we hope the faculty member will re-schedule any due dates for assignments.

While we encourage students to go to class, we know this is a personal choice. We are advising those who choose not to go to class or to a campus job to talk with the faculty member or supervisor in advance. (See the Q&A for students.) Generally, we anticipate that faculty will be lenient in their attendance policies.

Regarding employees, please follow standard protocols. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that offices remain open and operating, and we anticipate that employees will fulfill their responsibilities. As usual, faculty, staff or student employees who are absent from work need to have a valid absence slip or take it as a day without pay.  Employees who do not accrue vacation days, such as teaching assistants and student employees, and who choose to be absent from work should seek their immediate supervisor’s permission to be absent without pay. Please contact supervisors with questions. Supervisors who have questions may contact human resources.

We appreciate all you are doing to support our students and to reflect our commitment to supporting calm, respectful discourse about issues of great importance to our institution.

Susan Ford, Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Kevin Bame, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration