March 30, 2015 update

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The Chancellor’s Executive Planning and Budget Committee, an advisory group, met on Monday, March 30, to have a preliminary discussion about the impact of potential reductions in state funding for selected units that are funded through multiple sources, such as fees and ticket sales in addition to state funds. The purpose of the exercise is to understand the ramification of potential cuts and to be in a position to act if cuts occur. Committee members agreed to review the confidential responses to a request to participate in the exercise and identify additional questions they may have of the units.

The committee also reviewed a list of additional units that will be asked to participate in a similar exercise. Discussion focused around reviewing offices in groups based generally on the role of the office and the nature of its funding with the goal of protecting the academic core of the institution.  The committee discussed next steps in planning for a potential cut as well as strategies to engage the campus community in the process.