Chancellor’s Leadership Council

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Chancellor: Austin A. Lane

Chief of Staff: Matt Baughman

Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: Meera Komarraju

Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance and Chancellor’s Planning and Budget Advisory Council: Judy Marshall

Vice Chancellor for Research (interim): Gary Kinsel

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs: Lori Stettler

Dean and Provost of the School of Medicine: Jerry Kruse

Chief Communications and Marketing Officer (interim): Kim Rendfeld

Associate Chancellor for Diversity (interim), AP Staff Council and Diversity Council: Todd Bryson

Associate Chancellor for Enrollment Management: Vacant, represented by John Frost, Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Director, Intercollegiate Athletics: Liz Jarnigan

Director, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer(interim): Scott Bridges

Director, Department of Public Safety: Ben Newman

Senior Associate General Counsel: Deb Nelson

Dean, College of Agricultural, Life and Physical Sciences (interim): Scott Ishman

Dean, College of Business: Terry Clark

Dean, College of Engineering: Frank Liu

Dean, College of Health and Human Services (interim): Scott Collins

Dean, College of Liberal Arts (interim): Andrew Balkansky

Dean, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts (interim): H.D. Motyl

Dean, School of Education: M Cecil Smith

Dean, School of Law: Camille Davidson

Dean, Library Affairs: John Pollitz

Director, Graduate School: Stephen Shih

President, Faculty Senate: Marcus Odom

Chair, Graduate Council: Marc Morris

President, Graduate and Professional Student Council: Dianah McGreehan

President, Undergraduate Student Government: Ryan Reeverts

President, Civil Service Council: Tony Travelstead

SIU Carbondale Student Trustee: Steven Gear

Staffed by:

Sharon Brooks, Business/Administrative Associate to the Chancellor