Chancellor's Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion

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Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion

Chancellor's Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion
Name Representation
Najjar Abdul-Musawwir School of Art and Design
Dr. Anneke Metz Faculty Senate
Dr. Nilanjana R. Bardhan Communication Studies
Dr. Joseph A. Brown Africana Studies
Tara Brown Human Resource Manager, City of Carbondale
Lisa C. Caringer Disability Support Services
Cristina Castillo Hispanic/Latino Resource Center
Dr. Jaime Clark Director of CAPS, Associate Director for Student Health Center
Renee A. Colombo Human Resources
Dr. Elaine Conrad Center for International Education
Vernon D. Cooper LGBTQ Resource Center
Paul S. Copeland Veterans Services
Camille Davidson Dean of Law School
Dr. Linda Flowers Carbondale NAACP Chapter
Ashley L. Followell Affirmative Action Office
Steven Gear BOT Student Representative
Dr. Renada D. Greer Black Faculty and Staff Council
Vivian M. Hardison Disability Support Services
Crystal L. Harris Civil Service Council
Todd S. Bryson Office of Associate Chancellor for Diversity
Abdulsamad Y. Humaidan Graduate and Professional Student Council
Jeff Franklin Administrative Professionals Staff Council
Rosalind T. Joseph Athletics
Lolita L. Mack Black Alumni Group
Robert A. Lopez Hispanic Latino Staff Faculty Council
Dianah P. McGreehan Graduate and Professional Student Council President
Caleb R. McKinley-Portee Graduate and Professional Student Council
Charah K. McKinzie Black Resource Center
Dr. Marc E. Morris Graduate Council
Dr. Jose D. Najar History Department
Ashanti J. Perkin Undergraduate Student Government
Ryan Reeverts Undergraduate Student Government President
Sandy Brown Alumni Association
Avian R. Wilkins Undergraduate Student Government
Alicia Jackson City of Carbondale