September 6, 2017

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A number of faculty and staff have asked me about the potential for future salary increases. It has been several years since we have been in a financial position to provide increases in compensation for faculty and staff, even as workloads have shifted due to vacancies across campus.

I know this has been difficult, and I appreciate the dedication of all who continue to work to fulfill our mission.

Continued enrollment declines have significantly added to the financial pressures affecting compensation. Revenue from tuition, in addition to state funding, directly supports faculty and staff salaries as well as other operations. This is why getting everyone at the university to focus on recruitment and retention is so important.

Transforming the university will require many hard decisions about what we stop doing so we can reinvest in strong programs and services as well as the faculty and staff who deliver them. I will work with the campus to make these decisions in the months ahead in order to announce a financial strategy in April that might support salary increases, recognizing the role of the collective bargaining units in negotiating any increase for their members.

Carlo Montemagno