September 5, 2017

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Faculty and staff colleagues,

Thanks to all of you who have provided input on the draft reorganization plan in person, in meetings and through email. The vast majority of the feedback received has been constructive and thoughtful. I am grateful that the university community has taken the feedback process seriously.

Based on your feedback, we are making a number of changes to the proposed model. Today, in compliance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the university and Faculty Association, we are providing faculty members with proposals for mergers that relate to their units for further consideration.

On Friday of next week, I will be providing a full overview of the second draft of a new organizational structure. We will continue to welcome additional feedback before the structure is finalized in February.

Meanwhile, we continue to receive good questions about how work will get done, how budgets will be assigned, how hiring decisions will be made and more. While we are answering these questions as they come up in conversation, we continue to update the frequently asked questions page on the Vision 2025 website in order to share the responses more widely.

I look forward to continuing the conversation.

Carlo Montemagno