July 23, 2020

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SIU Faculty and Staff,

In my first weeks as chancellor, I have seen first-hand your careful work reopening physical offices on campus. I commend the focus on your safety and the safety of your colleagues, students and visitors.

Now, as the fall semester approaches, we are ready to take the next step forward in compliance with phase 4 of the state’s Restore Illinois Plan.

Starting August 1, offices may be staffed with up to 50 percent of employees present at any time. Of course, all of our safety protocols will remain in place. We’ll send a comprehensive update of our safety measures shortly.

As before, deans, directors or their designees will determine staffing based on office needs, the ability to maintain social distancing and other factors. They may choose to stagger work schedules by changing shifts or allowing staff to split their schedule between the campus and a remote location. Some staff may continue to work remotely full-time.

We will remain at the 50 percent maximum until Thanksgiving break. After break, offices will remain open, but we will significantly reduce on-campus staffing levels through December. Deans and directors will identify staff who are essential to on-campus operations, and all other staff who are able to work remotely will be allowed to do so.

Important reminders

  • Employees asked to return to campus either part time or full time must review Returning to Work: Training and Resources and Returning to Work: Guidelines for August 1-December 31 before coming back.
  • Supervisors should also review both return-to-work documents to ensure that they are following guidelines.
  • Employees should not return to work without approval.
  • Employees who work remotely either part-time or full time should review the remote work guidelines and complete a remote work agreement if needed. The online FAQ has additional details and answers to questions about employees who are in high-risk categories, student employees and other topics.
  • Given the changing nature of the pandemic, all plans are subject to change based on guidance and directives from state officials and health agencies.

If you have additional questions about your status or office, consult with your supervisor. Questions may also be sent to pandemicinfo@siu.edu by any employee.

Safety first

Our top priority is the safety of our faculty, staff and students. We continue to pay very close attention to the direction of the pandemic, the directives of state officials and the recommendations of health agencies. All of our plans are based on these recommendations and directives. As I mentioned earlier, we will provide an update of our safety measures very soon, and we will continue to adapt them as we have new information.

I know you share our commitment to safety. Thank you for serving as a role model by wearing masks, social distancing and following all of our safety protocols. With your help, we will have a successful fall semester.


Austin A. Lane