March 29, 2021

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Fellow Salukis,

During my Listening and Learning Tour, I’ve heard SIU Carbondale faculty and staff, who are also parents, say they don’t believe SIUC wants their children as students. I would like to take this opportunity to dispel that myth and demonstrate how much we want your son or daughter to attend SIUC! We do not take anyone for granted, especially children of our own employees.

If you are a parent, we want you to consider SIU Carbondale for your children, where they can get a first-class education close to home. If you know someone who is a parent of a college-age student, I encourage you to tell them about what SIUC has to offer.

As you well know, Salukis receive hands-on learning and personal attention. If they are interested in research, they will have opportunities often reserved for grad students.

We are doing everything we can to improve access to higher education. To remove an obstacle for qualified students, we no longer require SAT and ACT test scores for admissions and most scholarships. For eligible new Illinois students, we have launched the Saluki Commitment and Saluki Transfer Commitment – our pledge to close the gap for tuition and mandatory fees after students receive financial aid. High-achieving students are also considered for merit scholarships.

Children of employees have another advantage. If you have worked at SIUC for at least seven years, your child may be eligible for a tuition waiver of 50% for up to 130 semester hours. If you’re an SIUC alum, your children may qualify for a 20% tuition discount – meaning alumni who are also employees first receive the 20% discount for the legacy rate and then receive the 50% employee waiver, making the financial savings all the greater for your future Saluki.

It is time to change the perception that we have not been doing everything we can to recruit students close to home, especially from our own faculty and staff. So let me state clearly: If your student is interested in SIU Carbondale, I invite them to email me directly at Austin.Lane@SIU.EDU or visit our admissions website and learn more about becoming a part of Saluki Nation!

As you and your student explore what SIUC has to offer, you will find this university will deliver a life-changing return on your investment.

Austin A. Lane